From Engagement To Wedding …Tips to help you choose the best ring

Dear husbands to be, you scoured all reference shops, worked out to find the perfect engagement ring, the one which she will easily identify herself with, the one which will seduce her. Congratulations!!! You made it, she said YES. Now, you are about to take a step further, choosing the wedding rings.

7 tips for the groom

  • Make it a sharing experience; don’t try to handle the choice all alone. You did for the engagement ring for many reasons (surprise, tradition, romantic effect …). Allow her choose the wedding rings with you;
  • First choose the metal. This will enable a focused search, you will avoid wasting of time, and augment your chances of finding the adequate rings within a reasonable time frame;
  • There are very nice exhibition catalogue and/or mail order catalogue you can browse to find “THE RINGS”;
  •  Sad enough, our world is turning into an insecure place in all aspects. So, be very cautious when buying the rings. Hire a goldsmith if you intend to buy gold rings in order to avoid cheating on carats, quality… it equally goes without saying that whatever metal you choose, it will be preferable and prudent to hire an expert;
  • In case, you go for handcrafted rings, the best is to get on the field. It’s true that there are some renowned websites where you can order your rings, but it is better to go directly to the factories for on some matter, human contact will always be better than virtual one;
  • Assorted rings are better than single-chosen ring. However, if you go for this option, make sure you add a unique detail that will make the two rings a pair (E.g.: getting both spouses’ names engraved inside the rings, or a quote you both love by starting it inside one ring and finishing it on the other);
  • In case, you choose to use family jewelry, heritage, remember, she has to feel unique. So, ensure that you personalized these rings by adding a plus, a unique mark without destroying your family legacy.

5 tips for the bride

  • “Diamonds are girls’ best friends they say”. It might be true, but remember marriage is all about compromise. Do not insist on getting diamond rings when it is not possible considering your tight budget. Remember your husband can always offer you a diamond ring for anniversary;
  • Ladies, what kill us at times is useless competition. Since Katy or another X friend has got a gold, diamond… with these or those carats, our own should be greater. This is childish and should not be taken into consideration. Whatever the metal, you will wear this ring all your life, cherish it, for the most important is the love it represents;

From Engagement To Wedding …Tips to help you choose the best ring

  • You are participating in the choice and most of the times men are not aware of the latest trends. So, in case you are not okay with the classic style, let him know about them and together, choose the best rings for your couple;
  • Be honest, honesty is an important value for the couple. Don’t accept his choice to please him. Don’t hurt him with a brutal NO, simply be compromising and make him feel that the fact you did not jump to his first choice does not mean that you intend to regiment everything;
  • Be patient, you might not be quickly seduced, but your perfect rings are waiting for you somewhere.

As ever, your humble servant hopes to be of help. Good Luck!!!

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